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5 Ways Your Family Can Create And Build Wealth

5 Ways Your Family Can Create And Build Wealth

1. Come up with a family mission statement.

2. Determine your values and lead with them

3. Get input from all family members

4. Set goals as a team

5. Strategize to optimize. Good strategies are essential to achieving goals. So figure out: where should your family’s energy be focused? How should its resources be allocated? What are the barriers?

Reaching family success is a campaign of the highest order, so it needs a plan, a staff, a timetable and markers along the way. New approaches are often needed to reach a lofty goal.

At home and in business, it takes courage to plan for the future. Companies and families can be tempted to cling to old ways, but holding on to short-term profits instead of investing in long-term gains is a hazardous strategy for both.

Although most of us don’t have a strategy in mind when we start our families, it’s precisely what we need to create a family that prospers beyond one generation.


September 12th, 2016

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